Physical Assessments

Osteoporosis is a journey not just a diagnosis. Be Straight/Strong/Steady

Hosted by Orlaith Buckley Senior Chartered Physiotherapist M.I.S.C.P. M.Sc (Masters in Sports Medicine) M.C.S.P.
& Steph Graham BSc Physiology and Sports Science Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach UKSCA.

Schedule example, topics change regularly:

  • Initial assessment/movement screen assessments
  • Posture & Osteoporosis discussions
  • Compression Fractures/Fracture Prevention explanations
  • Dexa results: Slow & steady, a better understanding
  • Consistency is key to self care encouraged

Steph performs Group Practical assessment and Orlaith will answer any concerns. Strength & Conditioning assessments will be performed to establish current ability level. Exercises will then be recommended accordingly for you to practice at home.

Adrenal Assessments

Incorporating the Human Givens approach to Optimal Health

Hosted by Susan Boland & Gabby Punch
Susan Boland: Nutritional Therapist NT Dip IHS, ION, NTOI, BWL
Gabby Punch: Registered General/Psychiatric Nurse RGN, RPN, HG.Dip., GHGI, NC
Schedule example, topics change regularly:

Susan & Gabby will explain:

  • Why we are becoming sicker, stiffer and less active in our society and how we got here!
  • What a bone health diet looks like*.
  • The bitter sweet truth about sugar.
  • The stress connection to inflammation (pain, stiffness, soreness, swelling) and joint & bone issues.
  • How to balance blood sugar, avoid sugar cravings and predict their onslaught.

We look at many different topics at the Group Assessment Days throughout the year including...

Endocrinology & Bones

Blood sugars/Sleep/Digestion/ Hormone Imbalance/Thyroid

Regular 'Testing Clinics'

will include Phlebotomy where a range of tests will be available to go to the laboratory

Regular Physical Assessment Days

for evaluations & screening with our Physiotherapist and Coaches

Emotional Health for the Wealth of Strong Bones

addressing Poor Sleep, Anxiety & Stress, Low Mood, Stress & worry Reduction and the Mechanics of Optimal Health

Susie brings a fabulous range of abilities, training and experience to her work. Her comprehensive qualifications as a fitness instructor led her to settings in London where people had widely different needs, from rehabilitation to strength building. She has added to this with her qualifications as a nutritional therapist. This combination enables her to support people with a truly holistic approach to gaining wellness and fitness. With a broken health care system, we really need to deal with our health and wellbeing in constructive ways, and Susie has the tools to make a genuine difference in people’s lives.

Jo Murphy-Lawless 2016

I am with Osteoporosis Clinic Ireland for the past 3 years. Before I made contact with Susan, I was very worried about my bone health. I have had first class treatment at the clinic and I am now doing really well. I feel I am now in control of my osteoporosis and am very happy with my past and present treatment.

Teresa, Galway 2018

I took Susan's weight-training class at a stressful time in my life, looking for a way to stay calm and strong. And it was the best medicine around. Not only does weight training build strength, it also produces a sense of physical and mental well-being, promotes good posture and flexibility and an overall sense of groundedness. The results are almost immediate; after just a few lessons, you begin to gain definition, stronger bones and increased strength. I highly recommend this form of exercise - and in particular, Susan's classes. She is extremely knowledgeable about all forms of exercise and especially the benefits of weight training for women with osteoporosis. Her approach is holistic and very wholesome! Try it.

Katey 2018

I have been attending osteoporosis clinic Ireland. I had a dexa scan in 2017 and another one in 2019 there was an improvement from 2017.
I also attended bone density classes which helped as well as assessment days where I got information about food and stress and the effect it has on osteoporosis. I found these days very informative.

Mary Carroll North Dublin 2020

I joined the clinic in January 2019 as I have severe osteoporosis and wanted some guidance specific to this condition. From the very outset, I have found Susan's enthusiasm infectious and gradually with the exercise programme, I have gained confidence and strength. I also receive dietary and supplementary recommendations as part of this programme. I recently had my Dexa Scan; the first since 2017. The examiner turned to me and said: "whatever you're doing, keep doing it as you are obviously doing something right". There has been no dis-improvement and in some areas, a shade of improvement has even been detected. I reckon it's thanks to the encouragement and support I've received from the Osteoporosis Clinic Ireland, as well as my own hard work and dedication.

Róisín March 2020

I have been attending Osteoporosis Clinic Ireland since September 2016 and I have found the clinics and Bone Health Workshops very beneficial and enjoyable. The improvement shown on my dexa scans between December 2016 and December 2018 was a massive 1.0 in my spine between L2-L3 which proves to me that those specific exercises really work. Looking forward to a further improvement in my next scan results in December 2020.
Thank you Susan

Betty Mc Cauley Dublin 5 April 2020

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