By Susan Boland Nutritional Therapist NT Dip IHS NTOI Strength & Conditioning Coach BWL 

Do you wake up in the morning feeling stiff?

Do you accept that it’s an age thing?

Do you take medication to ease the stiffness & pain?

At my clinic our aim is to “Get Older & Fitter” Therefore you need to move and Movement is Medicine. Do check out my Instragram page: Osteoporosis Clinic Ireland and follow me, there you can see videos of different areas of the body to assist stiffness in joints where you can stretch and loosen out the joints. If you have an injury, on the other hand, it maybe useful to get an x-ray first, then go to a physiotherapist for rehabilitation. This should include stretches for you to do at home. Following that, I suggest that you get an exercise program to improve your strength/flexibility in your joints and muscles. Posture is another area that is not addressed, as we age, we lose muscle mass. This is one of the reasons that we develop bad habits. Again I stress that we need to “take control of our daily exercise regime.


Upper back exercise to improve posture:  hold this position for 5 seconds and relax x 3 times

The longer you leave exercise, the more you are prone to FRACTURE, especially if you have Osteoporosis, otherwise doing nothing will not protect you from weakening bones and joints.



Kneeling Cat Curls: This exercise will increase range of motion throughout your spine. Inhale to prepare, exhale and arch into an angry cat shape, hold for 5 seconds. Exhale as you return to the starting position, then round the back and repeat as above x 3 times.

The message for today is to build strength around the joints and improve your muscle tone. If you lack MOTIVATION, you can join my FREE WEEKLY ZOOM MEETINGS where you can get general information to support your joints & bones & muscles. You can join by sending me your email address, see below.

Kindest regards

Susan Boland