When choosing supplements to help improve your health, it is important that you choose one that assists you to feel better, for example the ‘Magnesium’ that I supply is;

  • 100% Irish  and  100% Natural & Pure
  • This type of Magnesium is not attached to oxide, citrate, sulphate etc. Free Ion for rapid 100% Absorption. As our bodies cannot make magnesium, this mineral needs to be replenished through good dietary choices as well as  Bioavailable Supplementation in most cases for BONE HEALTH.

Another important point is that this type of mineral contains trace minerals that NATURALLY feeds your BONES

Like everything else, you get what you pay for therefore the quality of supplements needs to be absorbable.

Another example is ‘Calcium’ that I provide, is in a totally natural whole-food form from the ocean in South America that  provides 13 essential bone-supporting nutrients which AIMS TO NATURALLY supports your health.

This plant-sourced calcium is better absorbed than traditional calciums, and clinical studies have demonstrated this source is more “bone-friendly” than other more traditional types of calcium.

The type of Vitamin C that I provide is such an important vitamin for Bone Health and has antioxidant qualities too. It is incredibly powerful, and at least 1000 times stronger than other forms of Vitamin C. 

When it comes to  Turmeric, I sell it in different forms and the reason for that is because it depends on YOUR GUT HEALTH therefore your absorption rate maybe different to the next person. This is the MAIN REASON that a supplement may work for your friend and may not have any affect on you. I therefore offer Organically grown TURMERIC in the form of  Tea or capsules and clients do send me on positive feed back as result.

Do contact me for further advice on how to incorporate supplements  into your daily diet to support your BONE HEALTH and do check my website for other ‘blogs’ on BONE HEALTH

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Kindest regards

Susan Boland