By Susan Boland Nutritional Therapist NT Dip IHS NTOI Strength & Conditioning Coach BWL

Is your ENERGY less now as you age compared to when you were in your 20’s and 30’s?

Do you accept it because you are getting older?

One thing you can do is add MAGNESIUM to your diet and daily supplementation, but be careful because there are so many different types of magnesium and if it isn’t the right one for you or if you’re taking too much daily, it may cause a loose stool & diarrhoea.

 On the other hand, magnesium is very much needed to assist BONE HEALTH by as much as 60%. If you are taking a calcium supplement, it is important that you also take magnesium in the right ratio to feed your bones.


Magnesium plays a big role in energy as well as relaxation so you can exercise daily andhave a restful sleep. This is the reason for knowing when to take magnesium at the right time of the day to support your symptoms (these may change from time to time).

Your Vitamin D may be tested by your GP (because of its association with bone health and its known deficiency) but did you know that magnesium is the second most common deficiency?

 The reason it is important to supplement magnesium is:

  1.  Magnesium is arguably one of the most depleted minerals in the soil.
  2. The use of herbicides and pesticides that kill off worms and bacteria in the soil. It is the bacteria in the soil that make it possible for plants to absorb minerals.
  3. Food processing decreases Magnesium. It is lost in grains during milling and making of white flour. It is also lost from vegetables when they are boiled.
  4. Some foods can block the absorption of Magnesium.
  5. Tannins in tea bind and remove minerals including Magnesium.

These are just a few of many reasons that you should take magnesium as a supplement. It also comes in different forms to support your overall health therefore it may be important for you to contact me before you decide to ‘self prescribe’

Do contact me for further advice on how to incorporate MAGNESIUM into your daily dietto support your BONE HEALTH and do check my website for other ‘blogs’ on BONE HEALTH

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