By Susan Boland Nutritional Therapist NT Dip IHS NTOI Strength & Conditioning Coach BWL

Are you doing the correct exercises to IMPROVE your BONE MINERAL DENSITY (BMD)? If you have a DXA scan result, check to see if it states your bone mineral density. Otherwise your DXA scan result will reflect the STRENGTH of your BONES.

As for exercise, here is one exercise that may IMPROVE the strength of your bones.


You may find that you will be told what not to do if you have osteoporosis for example, loaded spine flexion is not recommended, and impact activities may require specification in the presence of osteoporosis, osteoarthritis or frailty. In other words, be careful and be safe and don’t do anything that may cause a fracture!!. On the flip side of this, research shows that loading the bone may increase the strength/density of your bones. The point is that both comments need to be noted therefore guidelines for safe and effective exercise for bone health need to be individualized. At my clinic a one to one exercise prescription is taking into account your existing bone health status and risk factors for falls and fracture. You can check out my Instragram page: Osteoporosis clinic Ireland for short videos to give you an idea of my approach to general stiffness that comes with age and bone/joint issues.

Do contact me for further advice on DIET/EXRECISE to support your future health and remember; LET’S GET OLDER & FITTER

Kindest regards

Susan Boland